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Intraoral camera and monitor DE-420

Intraoral camera and monitor DE-420

Intraoral camera with VGA Port & 4 GB Card

1.3 mega pixel Sony 1/4 CMOS image sensor, with 6 LED light
2.Focusing type: 5mm focus(Consider about the Thickness of the LED backboard light, redefine the distance about 20mm); 90 degree view, Small distortion
3.Focusing distance: 8mm-20mm hyperfocal distance, Auto focus
4.signal: NTSC PAL
5.Video output: VGA output, VGA wires’s length<=5m
6.Saving: With 4 GB TF card , Max support 32 GB
7.Power: DC5V/800mA
8.18.5 inch High-resolution LED Monitor
9.Double row VGA output. 9 Needle wire output
10.Multimedia Player(AV,TV,PC,Media)
11.Monitor with USD ,AV,TV connector
  • Key name

    Press the button in a short time

    Press the button in a long time

    Photograph button

    Take photo/Save photo/Forward/OK

    Sleep/Turn off the LED light

    Frame change button

    Change into 4 frame/Backward

    Delete photo

    Replay button

    Replay photo/Return

    Turn on

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