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Apex locator DE-317

Apex locator DE-317


Size:73.44*48.96mm(3.5 inch)
Viewing angle:Full viewing angle
Display Type:626K colors TFT-LCD
LCD:8 pcs white LED
Touch mode:Capacitive Touch
Li battery 3.7V 1800mAh
Adaptor input:AC100-240V 50/60Hz
output:DC 5V 1A Charge time:3 hours
  • Apex locator Model: DE-317

    1. simple,  delicate design

    2. Multi-frequency design ,exact accurate

    3. All touch TFT LCD technology

    4. Simple operation interface, easy operation

    5. Rich and colorful screen information , be clear at a glance

    6. Automatic detection function

    7. The screen brightness and alarm sound can be adjusted

    8. Root position can be adjusted

    9. The test wire can be compatible with RAYPEX6 Apex locator of VDW company

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