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Micro motor Drill L- 1514

  • Laboratory micromotor marathon/Saeyang marathon micro motor Handy 700

    Dental micro motor is an easy-operation equipment with power supply, switch,motor and handpiece etc. Due to small size, speed adjustable and easy to carry, it is widely used for dental clinic, dental laboratory, manicure room etc for polishing.

    Saeyang marathon micro motor Handy 700 features:

    1. Max speed: 50,000 rpm

    2. 7.8 Ncm

    3. Digital speed display window

    4. Maximum speed set mode possible

    5. Lowest noise, lowest vibration

    6. Excellent durability

    7. Self-diagnosis function

    8. Ceramic ball bearing

    9. Error code display

    10. Auto-cruise function

    11. Variable speed control pedal(FS60N)

    12. Handpiece cradle attached

    13. Magnetic bur holder attached

    14. Vertical & easy-carry system

    15. 230W

    16. Non-carbon brushless type

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